Friday, 29 February 2008


Things have been a little busy for the Sketch City crew of late.

Earlier this month the Contact Theatre-based art/club session played host to their pal Mr Scruff.

Then the team took over the Music Box slot vacated by the Electric Chair to start their promising Hoya:Hoya night with Ryan Hunn and Jonny Dub on hand as more-than-capable residents. And - while exploring everything from afrobeat to techno via Latin, soul, funk, hip hop and disco - that's certainly one to keep an eye on. March's offering even features guest slots from James T Cotton (AKA Dabrye) and Toddla T.

Seemingly planning on their own brand of world domination, they also launch their own gallery tomorrow. Up at Malboro House (Newton Street), their 1,600 sq ft Upper Space project will make its debut with This Is Us: a show that features the work of Jon Burgerman, Dist and the Sketch City Artists.

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